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IBEP - International Bowhunter Education Program

The International Bowhunter Education Program was first advocated by Bill Wadsworth who utilized experience from his association with the Boy Scouts of America to obtain worldwide acceptance of the curriculum. It was through his dedication that the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) was formed. Wadsworth served as the first executive director of the organization.

Today, the NBEF administers the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) in cooperation with state and provincial hunter education programs and state bowhunter organizations.

The IBEP is offered in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces, and 27 additional foreign countries. The shaded areas in the map below indicate the states and provinces where you are legally required to take an IBEP course prior to bowhunting or obtaining a bowhunting license. Always check local laws as regulations may change or special regulations may exist in some areas.

States and Provinces Requiring an IBEP Course Bowhunter education is also offered in these countries
Alaska Australia
Connecticut Austria
Idaho Belgium
Maine Croatia
Montana Denmark
Nebraska Estonia
New Brunswick Finland
New Hampshire France
New Jersey Germany
New York Iceland
Nova Scotia Italy
Quebec Latvia
Rhode Island Lithuania
South Dakota Mexico
Vermont Netherlands
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom